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Our language


Instinct Au actively avoids using terms such as ‘behaviour’, ‘positive behaviour’, ‘specialist behaviour’, and ‘functional behaviour assessment’, and accepts the negative neural connections these terms have with many autistic individuals as a result of their use in conjunction with harmful models.


The only time we use these terms and the peripheral language is when it’s part of the QLD or Australian NDIS rules, framework and/or legislation (e.g., Positive Behaviour Support Plan, or role of Specialist Behaviour Practitioner).


We will use the NDIS-compliant language in all reports and plans unless directed otherwise by clients and/or their family/stakeholders.

We often refer to our NDIS registered Specialist Behaviour Practitioners as “Acceptance, Autonomy, and Authenticity Practitioners” or “AAA Practitioners” as helping our clients live with acceptance, autonomy and authenticity is what we work towards with all clients. Despite our deviation from the standard QLD and Australian language, all our AAA Practitioners are registered with the NDIS as Specialist Behaviour Practitioners. They each have a practitioner registration number and meet all NDIS-related registration requirements.


Instinct Au is a registered NDIS provider. We have completed and successfully passed our audit and can provide service in most NDIS registration categories.

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