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Instinct Au is looking for Neuroscience-Based,

ND Affirming Behaviour Practitioners

Instinct Au is a neurodivergent (ND) affirming, neuroscience-based organisation, which is Autistic and ADHD led (AuDHD) and provides safe, ND affirming support, including the development of Positive Behaviour Support Plans for both children and adults. 


Instinct Au is considered a ‘safe’ and ND affirming company because:

  • We listen to, and prioritise Autistic and ADHD voices, especially those outside our own business. 

  • We do not use Applied Behaviour Analysis in any way, nor any other compliance, or coercive methods of responding to people. 

  • We priorities Authenticity, Acceptance and Autonomy of our community, this is known as the Triple A Framework. 

  • We follow the work of Mona Delahooke PhD, Dr Ross Green, Greg Santucci, Dr Daniel Siegel, Kelly Maher PhD, Reframing Autism and many other amazing clinicians, companies, and Authors, who are considered safe to the AuDHD community. 


We are like for like-minded practitioners, with preference given to those also identifying as Neurodivergent (no formalised diagnosis required) and who are wanting to expand their capacity and provide services and support to our Autistic and ADHD community. 


Instinct Au is fully registered with the NDIS and therefore is an audited company with stringent training and on-boarding requirements. To be the right fit to work with us, you must:

  • Be able to get, or already have, a Blue Card (working with children) and an NDIS Workers Card (or Yellow Card). 

  • Be willing to get, or already have an ABN, understanding that this is a true Contractor position and you'll need to organise your own taxation and superannuation. 

  • Be willing to get Contractor Insurance (this can be paid fortnightly at approximately $20-$30 per fortnight to whichever insurer you choose). 

  • Be willing and able to complete our complementary training (all online through the zoom platform, done in your own time). 

  • Be able to get, or already have a current First Aid Certificate and updated CPR. 

  • Have a QLD Driver's License. 

  • Be willing and able to use our Sharepoint, Teams, and Microsoft systems and produce reports, visit clients, complete tracking (notes), and regularly participate in team discussions, professional development and team meetings. 

  • Have English language skills which enable professional reports to be produced, OR (if Dyslexic, or other learning disability), have your own support person/proof-reader, at your own cost, who has signed a Confidentiality Agreement with us and who proof reads your work prior to submission. 


Instinct Au has seen extensive growth in the last 12 months and have multiple Contractor positions available. We also have some Auslan using, and Deaf clients and are keen to engage with any Deaf practitioners, or CODA's who might be interested in such a role. 


This position WILL suit professionals such as Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Social Workers, Speech and Language Pathologists, Developmental Educators, and other Allied Health Professionals. There is lots of work available and we are open to supporting other Allied Health professions to work with our clients. 


This position WILL also suit unqualified individuals, who are happy to commence their career as a Therapy Assistant and learn necessary skills to become a supervised and supported practitioner, under the leadership of a team of specialists, including a Specialist Registered practitioner. 


The below video is one of our Directors, and Developmental Educator, Tara Kent, speaking about this great opportunity. 


Are you going to help us be part of the change to support our AuDHD community to feel accepted, and thrive? 

If so, please apply using our application form.

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