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Specialist Behaviour Practitioners

Meet just a few of our ND affirming Specialist Behaviour Practitioners.

Functional Behaviour Assessments (FBA) and Positive Behaviour Support Plans (PBSP)

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Enquiries & Referrals

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If you have any trouble completing the form, please email your name and phone number to, and we'll call you.

Developmental Educator (DE)

As an allied health professional, a DE specialises in providing adults and children with disorders or disabilities practical help so that they can attain their independence. Some of their clients may include people who are autistic, or who have intellectual, physical and neurological disabilities.


They work closely with families and caregivers, and other allied health professionals who may be involved in the support of an individual.

Professional Supervision & Clinical Supervision

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Please see important information about the language we use.

Please check out our sister services, tecAntz and TEC, which are also ND Affirming.

Our services include:

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