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Our services include:

Neurodivergent-Affirming FBAs and PBSPs

We develop our Positive Behaviour Support Plans (PBSP's) so that they work to explain the way our clients navigate the world and what they are needing from their environment to have their needs met to such an extent that they are able to feel safe and regulated. We legislatively need to refer to these plans as PBSP's and the assessments we conduct as Functional Behaviour Assessments (FBA's) in order for our clients to use the appropriate categories of funding, however, we do not practice applied behaviour analysis in any way. We acknowledge the significant harm applied behaviour analysis has caused autistic individuals and actively reject any practice utilising applied behaviour analysis strategies.​ Read about our process here.

Developmental Educator (DE)

As an allied health professional, a DE specialises in providing adults and children with disorders or disabilities practical help so that they can attain their independence. Some of their clients may include people who are autistic, or who have intellectual, physical and neurological disabilities. They work closely with families and caregivers, and other allied health professionals who may be involved in the support of an individual.

Professional Supervision & Clinical Supervision

Learn more here.

Funding Options

Our clients often use NDIS funding for our services, however, we are also happy to discuss private arrangements. When using NDIS funds, we are able to bill out of several different categories based on the type of services we are providing. We most commonly provide Specialist Behaviour Intervention which we bill out of the Improved Relationships category.


Instinct Au is primarily based in South East Queensland, with practitioners providing in-person service from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast, going as far west as Darling Downs. We are in the process of expanding and recruiting other neurodivergent-affirming professionals across Australia.

We provide services via telehealth to clients all across Australia, however, this method of service delivery is not suitable for every client. Please fill out our enquiry form to get in touch and discuss your options.

Enquiries and Referrals

Please complete our online form here. If you have any trouble completing the form, please email your name and phone number to, and we'll call you.

Please see important information about the language we use.

Please check out our sister services, tecAntz and TEC, which are also ND Affirming.

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